• Orangewood Basketball 2019



  •   Friday, January 25, 2019            
    GAME DATE TIME Home Score Away Score Location
    1 25-Jan 10:00:00 AM SIERRA   Bye   Boys and Girls Club
    2 25-Jan 10:00:00 AM MARCH FL SLOVER FW march
    3 25-Jan 10:00:00 AM VAL VERDE 60 RAINCROSS 33 val verde
    4 25-Jan 10:00:00 AM BYE   ORANGEWOOD   open
    5 25-Jan 10:00:00 AM GLEN VIEW 69 OAK VIEW 17 SAN GORGONIA M.S.
    6 25-Jan 10:00:00 AM LINCOLN 39 MILOR 41 lincoln
      Wednesday, January 30, 2019            
      DATE TIME Home Score Away Score Location
    7 30-Jan 10:00:00 AM SIERRA   SLOVER   Boys and Girls Club
    8 30-Jan 10:00:00 AM Bye   RAINCROSS   open
    9 30-Jan 10:00:00 AM MARCH  50 ORANGEWOOD  38 march
    10 30-Jan 10:00:00 AM VAL VERDE   OAK VIEW   val verde
    11 30-Jan 10:00:00 AM BYE   MILOR   open
    12 30-Jan 10:00:00 AM GLEN VIEW   LINCOLN   SAN GORGONIA M.S.
      Friday, February 1, 2019            
      DATE TIME Home Score Away Score Location
    13 1-Feb 10:00:00 AM SIERRA   RAINCROSS   Boys and Girls Club
    14 1-Feb 10:00:00 AM ORANGEWOOD  31 SLOVER  67 Redlands Community Center
    15 1-Feb 10:00:00 AM Bye   OAK VIEW   open
    16 1-Feb 10:00:00 AM MARCH   MILOR   march
    17 1-Feb 10:00:00 AM VAL VERDE   LINCOLN   val verde
    18 1-Feb 10:00:00 AM BYE   GLEN VIEW   open
      Wednesday, February 6, 2019            
      DATE TIME Home Score Away Score Location
    19 6-Feb 10:00:00 AM ORANGEWOOD  28 SIERRA  34 Redlands Community Center
    20 6-Feb 10:00:00 AM RAINCROSS   OAK VIEW   hunt park
    21 6-Feb 10:00:00 AM MILOR   SLOVER   carl johnson center
    22 6-Feb 10:00:00 AM Bye   LINCOLN   open
    23 6-Feb 10:00:00 AM MARCH   GLEN VIEW   march
    24 6-Feb 10:00:00 AM VAL VERDE   BYE   val verde
      Friday, February 8, 2019            
      DATE TIME Home Score Away Score Location
    25 8-Feb 10:00:00 AM SIERRA   OAK VIEW   Boys and Girls Club
    26 8-Feb 10:00:00 AM ORANGEWOOD  36 MILOR  57 Redlands Community Center
    27 8-Feb 10:00:00 AM RAINCROSS   LINCOLN   hunt park
    28 8-Feb 10:00:00 AM GLEN VIEW   SLOVER   SAN GORGONIA M.S.
    29 8-Feb 10:00:00 AM Bye   BYE   open
    30 8-Feb 10:00:00 AM MARCH   VAL VERDE   march
      Tuesday, February 12, 2019            
      DATE TIME Home Score Away Score Location
    31 12-Feb 10:00:00 AM MILOR   SIERRA   carl johnson center
    32 12-Feb 10:00:00 AM OAK VIEW   LINCOLN   oak view
    33 12-Feb 10:00:00 AM ORANGEWOOD  24 GLEN VIEW  54 Redlands Community Center
    34 12-Feb 10:00:00 AM RAINCROSS   BYE   hunt park
    35 12-Feb 10:00:00 AM VAL VERDE   SLOVER   val verde
    36 12-Feb 10:00:00 AM Bye   MARCH   open
      Thursday, February 14, 2019            
      DATE TIME Home Score Away Score Location
    37 14-Feb 10:00:00 AM SIERRA   LINCOLN   Boys and Girls Club
    38 14-Feb 10:00:00 AM MILOR   GLEN VIEW   carl johnson center
    39 14-Feb 10:00:00 AM OAK VIEW   BYE   oak view
    40 14-Feb 10:00:00 AM ORANGEWOOD   VAL VERDE   Redlands Community Center
    41 14-Feb 10:00:00 AM RAINCROSS   MARCH   hunt park
    42 14-Feb 10:00:00 AM SLOVER   Bye   Gonzales Center
      Wednesday, February 20, 2019            
      DATE TIME Home Score Away Score Location
    43 20-Feb 10:00:00 AM GLEN VIEW   SIERRA   SAN GORGONIA M.S.
    44 20-Feb 10:00:00 AM LINCOLN   BYE   lincoln
    45 20-Feb 10:00:00 AM MILOR   VAL VERDE   carl johnson center
    46 20-Feb 10:00:00 AM OAK VIEW   MARCH   oak view
    47 20-Feb 10:00:00 AM ORANGEWOOD   Bye   Redlands Community Center
    48 20-Feb 10:00:00 AM RAINCROSS   SLOVER   hunt park
      Friday, February 22, 2019            
      DATE TIME Home Score Away Score Location
    49 22-Feb 10:00:00 AM SIERRA   BYE   Boys and Girls Club
    50 22-Feb 10:00:00 AM GLEN VIEW   VAL VERDE   SAN GORGONIA M.S.
    51 22-Feb 10:00:00 AM LINCOLN   MARCH   lincoln
    52 22-Feb 10:00:00 AM MILOR   Bye   carl johnson center
    53 22-Feb 10:00:00 AM OAK VIEW   SLOVER   oak view
    54 22-Feb 10:00:00 AM ORANGEWOOD   RAINCROSS   Redlands Community Center
      Wednesday, February 27, 2019            
      DATE TIME Home Score Away Score Location
    55 27-Feb 10:00:00 AM VAL VERDE   SIERRA   val verde
    56 27-Feb 10:00:00 AM BYE   MARCH   open
    57 27-Feb 10:00:00 AM GLEN VIEW   Bye   SAN GORGONIA M.S.
    58 27-Feb 10:00:00 AM LINCOLN   SLOVER   lincoln
    59 27-Feb 10:00:00 AM MILOR   RAINCROSS   carl johnson center
    60 27-Feb 10:00:00 AM OAK VIEW   ORANGEWOOD   oak view
      Friday, March 1, 2019            
      DATE TIME Home Score Away Score Location
    61 1-Mar 10:00:00 AM SIERRA   MARCH   Boys and Girls Club
    62 1-Mar 10:00:00 AM VAL VERDE   Bye   val verde
    63 1-Mar 10:00:00 AM BYE   SLOVER   open
    64 1-Mar 10:00:00 AM GLEN VIEW   RAINCROSS   SAN GORGONIA M.S.
    65 1-Mar 10:00:00 AM LINCOLN   ORANGEWOOD   lincoln
    66 1-Mar 10:00:00 AM MILOR   OAK VIEW   carl johnson center

  • March Orangewood @ March Mountain

    This was our first game of the season. We have the talent!




  • Slover Mountain

    This team had a tall team.  With their hight we learned to help on inbounds and watch for our team mates to be trapped.  We did loose this game.




  • Today February 5 we went to a women in sport conference in San Bernardino.  5 speakers from various spots in the sports field spoke about jobs in the sporting industry that women should consider when making career choices.


    Athletic trainer, Coach, Ticket sales, sports venue and producer.




  • Sierra


    Today the Team did their best yet!  It was a tough loss but we learned some things!  The biggest thing is that we need to make our shots.





  • Milor


    This team had a couple of trees for centers.  When it came down to it we missed our shot opportunities these missed attempts are what caused the loss. On the positive side the team is learning to play like a team.

  • Oak View

    The Mustangs have some big players!  Our Orangewood team took a loss today the team is still learning to play as a team.  Shooting accruace and moving without the ball are things we are working on.