• School Information

    Office Hours: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Office Phone Number (909) 307-5590

    Office Manager: Kathleen Braze
    School Clerk: Janet Usher

    School Hours: 8:00 am – 2:08 pm
    Kindergarten 8:00 am - 1:45 pm

    Transitions: 8:00 am - 11:56 am

    Students are allowed on campus at 7:45 am 
    Breakfast is served from 7:30-7:50 for $1.10 in the MPR.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is all the college stuff about?
    No Excuses at Arroyo Verde

    A: All members of the Arroyo Verde community are committed to the three core beliefs: we are committed learners, we are character-centered, and we are college ready. The college focus is evident around campus, as every classroom has adopted a college or university to represent. You can find more information about each class’ adopted college on the classroom websites. Each Friday we wear our college colors, and the last Friday of the month is a Pep Rally. One student from each class is recognized at the Pep Rally for showing outstanding character.

    If you are new to Arroyo, click below to see the Back to School video.
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    Want more information about NEU? Click HERE!

    Q: How do I get information about what’s going on at school?

    A: The best way to stay connected to what’s going on at school is to download the RUSD app or to follow us on Twitter. Our PTA also maintains a separate Facebook page that is updated and monitored by parent volunteers. Autocallers and flyers about upcoming events will be sent home as appropriate.

    Q: Where should I plan to drop off or pick up my child?

    A: Students in rooms 1 – 14 should be dropped off and picked up in the upper parking lot, located near the office. Students in rooms 15 – 28 should be dropped off and picked up in the lower parking lot, located next to the Stater Bros. shopping center.  Supervision is provided for all students starting at 7:45 am on the blacktop. We ask that all students be picked up by 2:20 pm or that supervision arrangement's be made with one of our local daycare facilities.

    Q: What are the school colors and mascot?

    A: The school colors are turquoise and black. The mascot is the Aztec.

    Q: How will I find out if my child rides the bus to school?

    A: You must live over 1.5 miles from the campus in order to be eligible to ride the bus as well as obtain a bus pass. Contact the RUSD transportation department at 307-5370 for details. The deadline to order a bus pass is July 29th in order to be used on the first day of school.

    Q: How do I become a volunteer for the classroom or school?

    A: There are many opportunities to serve as a volunteer. All volunteers must be board approved annually and have a current TB (tuberculosis) clearance on file with the school office. Check under the parent volunteers tab to get a copy of the paperwork and return it to your child's teacher when you are finished. Volunteer clearance needs to be renewed every year.

    Q: How can I find out if there is an AR quiz for the book my child has selected?

    A: Arroyo Verde Elementary has access to every quiz created by Renaissance Learning for every book.  The only reason we may not have a quiz is if the book is recently published or one has not been created for it.  Because we have all quizzes available, it is impossible to keep a current list on our website. To view a book's reading level or point value, access the link to AR Bookfinder on the lower portion of our homepage. 

    Q: What are the school and district policies regarding bullying and cyberbullying?

    A: The district and school are compliant with Assembly Bill AB86 and Education Code 48900 (r) which states that bullying is "one or more acts by a pupil or group of pupils directed against another pupil that constitutes sexual harassment, hate violence, or severe or pervasive intentional harassment, threats, or intimidation that is disruptive, causes disorder, and invades the rights of others by creating an intimidating or hostile educational environment, and includes acts that are committed personally or by means of an electronic act." School officials have the authority to suspend a pupil or recommend a pupil for expulsion for bullying, including but not limited to bullying by an electronic act.