•   Arroyo Verde Choir

    Listen to one of our Spring 2018 performances by clicking HERE 

    And... a song from our Spring 2019 performances click HERE 


    Aztec Harmonies Performing at Nativity Festival Dec 2019 - click HERE


    Links to practice songs are below!!!

    Practice Dates  

    SPRING 2020 SOLO Results:

    HANDS DOWN the most competative and talented tryout Arroyo choir has ever had!  It speaks to the overall level of awesomeness we have in our singers at Arroyo. If you are the soloist or alternate, CONGRATULATIONS!. If you are not, please keep singing, keep practicing, keep loving music!!! We are having to say "no" to really talented singers. We are super proud of all of you! It takes a lot of guts to get on stage and sing alone! Ms. Emery and Ms Sexton :) <3

    I Have a Dream: Soloist- Kayliani, Alternate: Irene

    Home: Soloist- Cara, Alternate: Ethan

    Lean On Me: Soloist- Cohen, Alternate: Caia and Abigail

    Perfect verse: Soloist- Kayla, Alternate: Taylor

    Perfect Rap: Soloists- Ava L and Quinn, Alternate: Ava S


    Soloists must be able to attend ALL events. Please contact Ms Emery asap if there is a conflict with the dates below.


    March 3 - NO PRACTICE for Vibes

    *March 5 - BOTH CHOIRS 2:15-3:30*

    March 10 - NO PRACTICE for Vibes

    March 12 - Harmonies 2:15-3

    March 16-27 Spring Break - NO PRACTICES but keep going over the songs at home!

    March 31 - Vibes 2:15-3

    *April 2 - Harmonies 2:15-3:30*

    April 7 - Vibes 2:15-3

    *April 9 - Harmonies 2:15-3:30*

    *April 14 - Vibes - NO PRACTICE

    April 16 - Harmonies 2:15-3:00

    April 21 - Vibes 2:15-3

    April 23 - Harmonies 2:15-3:00

    *April 28 - Vibes - NO PRACTICE

    April 30 - Harmonies 2:15-3

    *May 5 - BOTH CHOIRS 2:15-3:30*

    May 7 - NO PRACTICE

    May 12 & 14 - 5th grade only - prep for talent night

    May 19 - 3rd and 4th advanced choir tryouts for 20/21 school year (if you want to stay in open choir, there is no tryout)

    May 26 - 5th grade only - prep for talent night


    Students are expected to attend all practices, learn lyrics and have great behavior!

    ***Dismissal is through the front of school gates only. Please pull forward to the yellow curb for pick up. Kids may not cross the streets or parking lots without parents. On-time pick up is appreciated! :) 


    Activities and Performances:

    March 9 - both choirs to CVHS to sing in the San Berndardino County Elem Choir Clinic - We will bus over at noon. WE WILL EAT LUNCH AT CVHS!!  ***** parents pick up kids at CVHS at 3pm in the east side parking lot off of Texas Ave. 

    April 8 - Aztec Harmonies to CVHS for Spring Performance 6:30 pm. More info to come.

    April 14 - Aztec Harmonies to Redlands High School for District Choir Festival- 9 am- students only

    April 27 - Aztec Harmonies - sing National Anthem for Harlem Wizards basketball game hosted by Redlands USD. Be at CVHS and iN seats by 6:30. Sing at 7:00. All of our kids get in for free and get to sit close to the court! Families are welcome to attend but would need to buy tickets and will be sitting in different places than the kids. Those who do not wish to attend can wait outside the gym and we will walk kids out when we are done singing! Ticket prices for additional tickets are listed below and go on sale soon. I'll send the link when I get it!

    Children - $10.00 
    General Admission - $12.00
    At the door- $15.00
    Court side-  $35.00

    May 7 - Spring performance for Families - evening

    May 27 - 5th grade Talent Night 6pm - all students, all grades attend. Parents and families of 5th graders will want to attend. Familes of 3rd and 4th grade parents may drop kids off and then pick up their students after the event. An ending time will be posted once we know the number of performances.

    May 19 & 21 - 20/21 choir tryouts - after school

    Keep checking back for updates


    Songs to Learn


    Arroyo Verde Vibes

     I'll Stand By You

    Stand By Me



    Don't Give Up On Me

    Remember to change "like lovers do"  by repeating "to the other side"

     I Have a Dream



    Aztec Harmonies


     Lean On Me



    Mrs. Emery   909-307-5590 ext. 50608 

    REMIND for Aztec Harmonies text    @7hb7de     to    81010

    REMIND for Arroyo Verde Vibes text    @396c9a3     to     81010