•   Arroyo Verde Choir

    Listen to one of our Spring 2018 performances by clicking HERE


    Practice Dates  

    Every Tuesday - 

    Open Choir - Arroyo Verde Vibes 2:15-3:00

    Advanced Choir - Aztec Harmonies 2:15-3:30


    Special practice dates.

    March 5th, all choir stay until 3:30 pm.

    March 12th, all choir stay until 4 p.m., snacks served.

    April 2nd, NO practice for Arroyo Verde Vibes

                     Aztec Harmonies ONLY stays until 4 p.m., snacks served.

    Dismissal is through the front of school gates only. Please pull forward to the yellow curb for pick up. On-time pick up is appreciated! :) 


    Activities and Performances:

    March 15- SB County choir clinic- @CVHS & class time with a CVHS choir & partial campus tour. Permission slips will be required. Coming soon. Students must be picked up at Citrus Valley High School that afternoon. (3pm)


    April 3 - Aztec Harmonies-Harmonies  performance at CVHS -7:00-8:30 pm. Late night but always well worth it!


    April 16 - Redlands Unified Choir Festival for Aztec Harmonies- during school hours. 


    Spring performance for classes @ Arroyo - May 10


     Dates coming soon for....

    Spring family performance night

    5th grade talent night

    2019-20 advanced choir try outs

    Spring songs:  

    Please learn the songs in the order they are listed



    A Million Dreams

     A Million Dreams Kareoke


    Live Your Story

     Live Your Story Kareoke


    How Far I'll Go  


    Somewhere Over the Rainbow  



    Harmonies Only 


    Disney Dreams Medley 


     Climb Every Mountain


    Mrs. Emery   909-307-5590 ext. 50304