Special Programs

  • Some Special Programs at Crafton Elementary

    Through state lottery funds, all 1 - 5th-grade students participate in P.E., Art, and Music Enrichment. English Language Learner (ELL) Program: Students who are English Language Learners receive instruction, in accordance with state guidelines, to support their growth in the English language.

    Gifted and Talented Education Program:
    Students who qualify for the GATE program are tested in the 3rd grade and are placed in cluster classes for the 4th and 5th grades, with certified GATE teachers. In addition, they may participate in some after-school enrichment GATE activities as they are available.  Laura Diggs is our site coordinator.

    Pastry with the Principal:
    Several times a year, all parents are invited to have pastries with the principal and to hear presentations concerning homework, testing, parenting strategies, special programs. In addition, parents are invited to ask questions concerning any of our Crafton programs.

    Intervention Programs:
    A variety of Interventions are offered to those students who are in danger of retention because they do not meet the State Standards.  They are implemented within the classrooms and we also have programs for our students called Lexia and Dreambox. Lexia specifically targets language arts skills, while Dreambox targets math.

    Parent Volunteers:
    We welcome parents who wish to help teachers and students during the school day.  Parent volunteers have helped our students over the years and we appreciate this wonderful resource. Volunteer packets are available online. (A current TB test and school board approval are required.)

    Cross-age tutoring program:
    Many primary classrooms utilize cross-age tutors.

    At-Risk Students:
    At-Risk students who qualify with specific learning needs through the IST process receive additional services through the Resource Program.

    Music Program:

    The Elementary Instrumental Music Program offers instruction in woodwind, brass, and string instruments to 4th and 5th grade students. Participation in the Elementary Instrumental Music Program builds foundational skills for future music education and promotes self-confidence, teamwork, school engagement, and overall higher academic achievement.

    For more information like calendars and sign-up links please visit the District Music page linked here: https://www.redlandsusd.net/Page/152 

    Friendly Helpers:
    Fifth Grade volunteers are trained to assist with various school projects.  These students lead school tours, assist with Accelerated Reader and school functions throughout the year.

    Crafton Garden Days:
    Our school has many gardens throughout the campus. Students learn how to plant and maintain the gardens under the direction of parent volunteers and our teacher coordinators, Holly Hawkins and Xochitl Grothe-Kearns. There are themed gardens including drought resistent landscaping, Bird and Butterfly Gardens, and a vegetable garden.  We also have annuals and perennials by the Library and Office buildings.  The gardens have been made possible by grants from REP, Redlands Horticultural & Improvement Society (RHIS), and the Kiwanis.