Degrees and Certifications:

Stacy Martinez

Principal's Corner

  • My Commitment

    I am so thankful to be part of the Cram Community. I often. think about the commitment I have made to the Cram staff, students, and families. I have a responsibility to you, my staff, and I will be committed to this task. Therefore, I am guaranteeing that:

    I will do my job with pride. I have been given this opportunity, and I am proud to accept this challenge.

    I will treat my staff, students and parents with dignity and respect. I will model the characteristics I want from the team I work with: integrity, excellence, commitment, quality service, dependability and fairness.

    I will strive to maintain balance in my personal and professional life so I can give our school and our students 100% of my leadership effort.

    I will be a positive and optimistic leader. I know my enthusiasm about our school is contagious. I set the tone for a positive and productive work environment where you should feel safe, supported and valued.

    I will embrace change. My flexibility and creativity in meeting new challenges will give you the courage to do the same.

    I will provide training, education and resources you need so you can continue to deliver quality service our students, parents and the community have come to expect.

    I will do my part to work as a team with other administrators, teachers, support staff, and parents so that the entire learning atmosphere will be one of warmth and sharing.

    I will communicate openly and honestly with you about my needs, concerns and expectations.

    I will listen to you. I will encourage feedback, observations and questions.

    I will strive to be the leader that I would follow.


    Thank you,

    Mrs. Martinez