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Daily Schedule

  • Grades 1 - 5

    Regular Day 7:45am - 1:50pm

    Minimum Day 7:45am - 11:40am 


    Kindergarten All Day

    Regular Day 7:45am - 1:35pm

    Minimum Day 7:45am - 11:25am 


    Transitions (TK)

    EB 7:45am - 11:45am

    LB 9:15am - 1:35pm

    Minimum Day 7:45am - 11:25am


    Students allowed on campus at 7:25am

    Breakfast served 7:15am - 7:35am

    Office Hours are 7:00am - 4:00pm

    Office Phone Number - 909-307-2420


  • Welcome to Highland Grove Elementary School, home of the GRIZZLIES!

    Grizzly Bear in Open Field

    Thank you for visiting our website. It is our goal to provide Highland Grove families with current and timely information about our campus.  If you cannot locate the answer to your questions or you need additional information about Highland Grove Elementary, please contact us directly through the school office at (909) 307-2420.

    Highland Grove is one of the newest schools within the Redlands Unified School District. Opened in 2005, staff members determined at that time, and continue to work with the belief that all children can learn. With our help and support, we expect our students to successfully master curricula and be prepared for success as they continue their K-12 education. We ensure learning takes place by providing a positive, safe, and constructive learning environment. We work collaboratively with colleagues, students, families, and community members to achieve this shared educational purpose.

    Highland Grove is an exceptional place to learn! We are proud of the positive reputation that our school has established with dedicated teachers and staff working together with families to provide our students with the best educational experience possible. Our campus has been recognized as an Accelerated Reader Master School and Accelerated Reader Model School each consecutive year, beginning in 2006-2007. We have also been designated as an Honor Roll School by the California Business for Education Excellence (CBEE) since 2012. Our students are challenged to meet their highest potential and supported in many ways to master grade level standards. When students do not meet expectations, we work with families to provide additional support and intervention programs. Together, we celebrate our successes with fun activities and a sense of pride in our accomplishments. There is a warm family feeling at Highland Grove that permeates our campus.

    I couldn’t be more proud of our students' accomplishments and the hard work provided by all the teachers and staff to make Highland Grove an outstanding place to learn and grow. I’m honored to be the principal of this fine school!

    We are here for your child’s success!
    Luanna Bamsch, Principal

Principal's Corner

Mrs. Luanna Bamsch



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Luanna Bamsch

“This is your principal, Mrs. Bamsch, with a very important message.” These are words you will frequently hear when receiving a telephone call from our school. One of the highest priorities we have at Highland Grove is to keep parents/families informed of the many events that take place; whether these things are occurring during regular school hours, or the special events that take place beyond the regular school day.

Since joining our school community in 2011, I've been extremely proud of the hard work we do together and the lengths to which our staff and families go to ensure Highland Grove is the best school it can be. If you haven’t had the opportunity to join our PTA, or you haven’t attended any of the many PTA events that are sponsored each year at our school, I would encourage you to do just that. Highland Grove’s PTA is phenomenal! With a tremendous amount of hard work, perseverance, and dedication to the well-being of each child who attends Highland Grove, the PTA earned more than $55,000 to assist with the installation of our beautiful shade structure in the Kindergarten playground area. For any part you play in helping with fundraising for our school, we want to share our deepest appreciation.

I believe the key to every child’s success lies in engaging students in their learning in ways that build meaningful educational relationships. Whether it's by the enthusiasm you share when participating in the audience at a chorus or band performance, cheering for students in Running Club, working with 5th graders to earn the money it takes to continue to participate in the outstanding hands-on activities Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) has to offer, or just enjoying a good book and helping a child develop his love of reading, I know each and every student can find something that excites them and a teacher or staff member who wants to help them.

I would welcome you to attend one of our “Pastry with the Principal” events to get to know other family members and to allow you the opportunity to talk in an informal manner about things that are important for you and your child. Let keep the conversation going.
We are here for your child's success!

Luanna Bamsch, Principal