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Redlands Unified School District

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Academic Case Carriers

Academic Case Carrier Program

The Academic Case Carrier Program was established in 2016 as part of the District’s LCAP. Its purpose is to support our District’s most at-risk secondary students.

 The goals of this program include:

  • Ensuring the student is in the best position to earn a high school diploma
  • Assisting with and connecting the students to, post-high school career and educational opportunities
  • Cutting through the red tape of the academic system
  • Making a difference in the education of at-risk students

We encourage you to check out our Counseling Page, that has many informative resources and information:

ACC Counseling Resources



ACC Resources

Foster Youth Education Rights

Information about the rights that foster youth are granted in our public schools

ACC Resource Card

Additional Resources

Helping Humans Resource Page

This amazing website, created by a Redlands Unified students, provides information about nonprofit organizations and service providers throughout Redlands and neighboring cities.  Information available includes where students/families may get: clothing; employment assistance; food; hot meals; youth services; laundry/shower facilities; medical services, etc. 

Check it out!

UC Undocumented Student Programs

Undocumented Student Programs welcomes all DREAMers, students from mixed-status families and undocu allies! No matter your immigration status or cultural background, you have an equal opportunity at UCR to get a quality education in a safe and friendly environment with resources to help you achieve your goals.

This website will help answer questions about the UC system for our undocumented students.  You CAN go to college!

Virtual College Tours

This site has virtual reality tours of hundreds of colleges and universities. Check to see if the school you would like to attend or have been accepted to, is here!