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GATE Identification and Testing Schedule

GATE Identification and Testing Schedule

In the Redlands Unified School District, students are identified for the GATE program beginning at the end of third grade. Students are served in the GATE program from third grade through twelfth grade.

Who can be tested for the GATE program?
Third, fourth and fifth grade students will be assessed for identification this year. 

How is a student identified for the GATE program?
In Redlands, students are assessed in three areas:

  • Ability -What is their potential?
  • Achievement - What is their performance?
  • Characteristic Behaviors - What personality and character traits do they have that match them to gifted students?

The Abilities Assessments:
Students take one test in each area using the CoGAT online screener of mental ability. 

  • The Cognitive Abilities Test - Verbal Intelligence
  • The Cognitive Abilities Test - Math Intelligence
  • The Cognitive Abilities Test - Spatial Intelligence

Students who meet the screener threshold will be asked to complete the additional six assessments to achieve an overall composite score. Points will be awarded towards identification based on the overall composite score.

The following are the criteria used for GATE qualification:
  • STAR Reading and Math Scaled Scores from the Late Winter Screening (scale varies depending on the grade level)
  • Benchmark #2 Scores in English Language Arts and Math 
  • CogAT Post Screener  Teacher and principal evaluation of criteria met A teacher and principal meeting to review the scores and make recommendations if needed
  The School Site GATE Coordinator and the Site Principal will determine the screening and testing dates for the CogAT which will be offered through an online platform using licenses from Riverside Insights. Families will be notified by the school site with the screening and testing date. Students who meet the identification threshold on the screener will be invited to complete the remaining sections of the CogAT.    Families and students who wish to opt out of participating must call, email or visit the school site attendance clerk.