• RHS Computer & Other Electronic Device Policies
    IPods and other devices deemed to be distracting to the educational environment by the RHS Administration are prohibited on campus. The school cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of students’ private property. Students are strongly encouraged not to bring such devices to school. The use of cell phones and similar devices during instructional or class time (this includes when you are outside of class with permission with a pass for the office, restroom etc.), is prohibited at Redlands High School. During class time phones should NOT be used for any purpose (outgoing/incoming calls, text-messaging, calculating, picture taking, etc.). If a staff member sees or hears a phone in student possession during class, it will be confiscated and taken to the nearest office. Students may use their phones before & after school and during passing periods and lunch. RHS Administration reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.
    • 1st Offense: (Assistant Principal) Confiscate device, verbal warning and phone returned at the end of the school day.
    • 2nd Offense: (Assistant Principal) Confiscate device, lunch detention assigned and phone returned at the end of the school day.
    • 3rd Offense: Assistant Principal) Confiscate device, two lunch detentions assigned and phone must be picked up by a parent.
    Laser Pointers are not allowed on campus or at school activities. There is a potential health hazard associated with the improper use of such laser pointer devices. The beam can damage vision if pointed directly into the eye. Serious injuries resulting in irreparable damage to the eye tissue may occur.
    Teachers are asked to confiscate the laser and turn it into the Security Office. Parents must come to pick up the item. A second offense will result in a 1 – 3 day suspension. A student who is pointing the beam directly into another person’s eye will be suspended on the first offense. A second offense of this nature will result in a 5 – day suspension and a pre – expulsion hearing.
    Ed Code 48901.5 Electronic signaling device; possession or use prohibited; exception:
    1. No school shall permit the possession or use of any electronic signaling device that operates through the transmission or receipt of radio waves, including, but not limited to, paging and signaling equipment, by pupils of the school while the pupils are on campus, while attending school-sponsored activities, or while under the supervision and control of school district employees, without prior consent of the principal or his or her designee. No pupil shall be prohibited from possession or using an electronic signaling device that is determined by a licensed physician or surgeon to be essential for the health of the pupil and use of which is limited for purposes related to the health of the pupil.
    2. The governing board of each school district shall take all steps it deems practical within existing resources to discourage pupils from possessing or using electronic signaling devices, except where the use of an electronic signaling device is essential for the health of a pupil.
    TECHNOLOGY & BULLYING - The district has a network use policy that states that computers and the school network will be used appropriately on campus, including any time on the internet. However, it needs to be noted that your communications off campus can also become a problem at school. If you inappropriately use computers at home to threaten, bully, sexually harass, or explicitly text, otherwise known as “sexting,” other students and it becomes a disruption on campus, you will be disciplined at school. Before you post, text, or comment, be sure to read the following guidelines, as these “innocent” statements can affect you well into the future. Consider the following:
    • You can be suspended, expelled, and/or arrested for your comments.
    • IF sexual in nature, you and your “friends” can be prosecuted for child pornography, requiring registration as a “sex offender” for the rest of your life.
    • Once something is on the internet, or in cyberspace, there is no way to really destroy it.
    • Is this something you would want your parents or future employer to see?
    • Many students who are harassed, become seriously depressed and often commit suicide.
    Redlands High School takes this very seriously. If you are being bullied, harassed, or threatened either in person, or in cyberspace, immediately contact RHS Security and/or an administrator.