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Band Announcement



Incoming 4th Graders!



Dear Incoming 4th Graders & Parents!  Did you know that around the age of 9 or 10 is the perfect time to start learning a band or string instrument?  Many of you already know a little bit about music and may be anxious to explore what other opportunities are available.  Since we’ve all learned so much about using Google Classroom over the past couple of months, I would like to use it as a platform to provide you and your parents with some great information and resources.  By signing up for the class listed below, you are not joining any specific program or making any kind of commitment.  It is just a wonderful way to present some informative videos on selecting an instrument and offering some mini-lessons to see if you might be interested in:

 ‘Being Part of the Music!’


If you would like to have access to information and resources regarding starting a band or orchestra instrument, please go to Google Classroom, click on the ‘X’ on the upper right hand corner and select ‘Join Class’.  Then type in this code and click on ‘Join’.


And/or, go to this website for a demonstration of beginning instruments.


Have fun exploring the possibilities!

We look forward to meeting many of you in the future!

 -Ms. Glass, Band Teacher & Ms. Long, Orchestra Teacher