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Students:   Friday mornings--Clement has a new 'Breakfast Cart' conveniently located in the hallway on Friday mornings! This is free for ALL students!  Be sure to check it out and start your day off right with one of the delicious and nutritious Grab 'N Go meals on your way to class.  The regular breakfast menu is still available every school day in the cafeteria from 8:15 am-8:45 am, and remember, only one breakfast per student each day. 


Parents: For parents with busy morning schedules, it's sometimes difficult to ensure that kids are eating a healthy breakfast before they head off to school.  Children often aren't ready to eat right after waking up, and it can be challenging to find nutritious breakfast foods they like.   Some kids refuse breakfast at home and discover that they're hungry when they arrive at school.  The School Breakfast Program provides a great option for parents.  As you know, a great breakfast is offered FREE for all students at Clement Middle School.  Studies have proven that kids who eat breakfast achieve highter academic scores, are more alert in class, visit the school nurse less often, and are better behaved in school.  If morning meals are difficult for your family, let the School Breakfast Program help you out!