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*Important Yearbook News*

Calling All Clement Parents.

The Clement yearbook needs your help! Due to the school closure because of the current health crisis, we will not be able to take the last pictures needed and are short pictures to finish the 2020 yearbook. Here's how you can help. Please email any pictures you can share of your child engaged in Clement activities, ie field trips, sports, extra curricular academic activities etc. Please email them to Please include the student's name (all students if there are more than one in the picture) and when, where, and what was happening in the picture. We greatly appreciate your help. Our deadline is April 21, so please have pictures to us by April 10,2020. Also, though we rare unable to conduct an on-campus sales event, we encourage you to purchase a yearbook online. Please follow the online sales link here


Thank you for your help!

Mr. Mitchell

Yearbook Advisor