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Got Sneakers? PTSA Fundraiser

Hello, Everyone!   This is Laura Mapes, REV PTSA President with an announcement:  Now that spring break is upon us, PTSA is asking for your involvement in a very simple, yet important fundraiser in order to purchase a new mobile scoreboard.  We are asking for new, used, and non-wearable athletic sneakers and sports cleats to be brought and placed in bins throughout the campus:  gym, office, etc.  The bins will have a sign displaying “Got Sneakers?”  Please put your donations in these bins and PTSA will take care of the rest.  Here is a list of what we are looking for:
1. NEW Athletic Sneakers and Sports Cleats (never worn)  $3.00
2. Used Wearable, Reusable Athletic Sneakers and Sports Cleats. $1.00
3. Used Non-Wearable, Recyclable Athletic Sneakers and Sports Cleats  $0.25
(Please no non-athletic footwear)
PTSA will then send large pre-paid shipping bags holding up to 20 pairs each to and receive payment.  It is that simple!  
We hope to have this fundraiser to the end of the year and possibly keep it going indefinitely, but since you might be doing a little spring cleaning, we hope you will donate all your athletic footwear for this wonderful cause.
The best part is these sneakers are redistributed throughout the Got Sneakers? Network of small business partners throughout Haiti, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Ukraine.  For more information, please go to