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Disaster Preparedness Drive

Hello, Wildcats! 

The Redlands East Valley High School Parent/Teacher/Student Association (REVHS PTSA) is hoping to replenish our Disaster Preparedness storage container and we need your help!  Every few weeks, a new item will be posted on the REV website so that we may collect items.  Our first item of priority is bottles of water.  In case of an emergency, the recommended supply is three bottles per person.  At our REV campus with over 2,000 students and staff, we would need to collect 6,000 bottles!  Please note, we do not want to store the SAME 6,000 bottles of water for years and years; we plan to use this water yearly for school activities and on an as-needed basis to be rotationally replenished.

If you would like to help the PTSA in this endeavor, please bring your water to the office and leave it at the front door.  The on-campus safety officers will then collect it, inventory it, and put it in storage.  We appreciate your help!  

Laura Mapes, REVHS PTSA Disaster Preparedness