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Barnes and Noble VIRTUAL Book Fair for REVHS Library

REV is having an online Barnes and Noble book fair from December 8-13. 
BOOKFAIR ID# 12616512
Anything we earn will come in the form of a Barnes and Noble gift card (I know, I know, they do well on both ends of everything)  We plan on spending it on highly requested books. We keep a running student list!
I will be looking for ways to spread the word among the kids and the families, but wanted everyone to know ahead of time so you can save some of your holiday shopping for our book fair.
 If you have kids/nieces/nephews/friends in Elementary, might I suggest buying books for their teacher's classrooms instead of another mug????
Other suggestions,  Co-worker gifts?  Books!  Gift for the person who has everything? Books! New pandemic baby gifts? Books! 
You get the idea. More info to come for getting word to students, but this is your initial welcome to the holiday book buying season!