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Weekly schedules for distance learning, all grades

Hello, eAcademy families!

The 2020-21 School Year is upon us!

We really wish we could meet in person for small group face-to-face interactive learning, and are looking forward to doing just that once we SAFELY may do so.


For now, our Distance Learning Plan has been crafted to include feedback from students, parents, and staff based on experiences last Spring.   

NEW K-12 SCHEDULES TO BEGIN August 14, 2020  (by week)


NEW K-12 SCHEDULES TO BEGIN August 14, 2020  (by day)



A few items to note:

  • ALL Middle School and High School students have a weekly check-in with thier supervising teacher. The day and time for this will be listed on your Master Agreement.
  • K-5 students will have regularly-scheduled check-ins with parent and student, the day/time of which will determined in partnership with the teacher.
  • ALL TEACHERS have REGULAR STUDENT SUPPORT TIME in addtion to block times that is specifically for tutoring, student support and questions.  THESE TIMES WILL BE POSTED ON EACH TEACHER'S WEBSITE.  Students who need additional support may be required to meet during this time, but all students are welcome to check in with their teacher during scheduled office hours.

It is going to be a GREAT YEAR!  (Really!  We're excited to build this new normal together!)



Basic OVERVIEW of how eAcademy schedules work:

Elementary (K-5)

  • Six Hours Per Week of Small Group interaction with a teacher and up to a maximum of 8 peers
  • Two or Three days per week (depending on Grade)
  • Regular Check-in appointment with Parent, Student and Teacher for individual questions and feedback
  • Traditional Book-based and Online work in independent study format

Middle School / High School (6-12)

  • 90 minutes per week, per core class of "Block Time" with content teacher and up to 12 peers - in 45-minute blocks
  • Two or Three days per week (depending on schedule)
  • Weekly Individual Check-In Appointment with student and a supervising teacher  (Parents allowed, too!) for goal-setting, individual questions and feedback.
  • Online coursework in independent study format
  • Tutoring available daily
  • AP classes available
  • Fully Accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges)
  • High rates of acceptance to UC and CSU schools for graduates