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                                                 updated April, 2020
All Office Staff Principal, counselors, administrative assistants
Mrs. Ayala Grades 5 and 6
Mr. Collins Choir, grades 6-12
Mrs. Ducey Science 7 and Science 8
Mrs. Goodrich Drama
Mrs. Hill Grades 3 and 4
Ms. Lozoya Spanish
Ms. Milam Math 7 and Math 8
Mrs. Monahan Biology
Mrs. Murillo Chemistry
Mrs. Padron Grades 1 and 2
Mr. Padron PE and Game Club
Mrs. Rehage English, grades 7-12
Mrs. Reichmuth History, grades 9-12
Mr. Smith Physics / Yearbook
Mrs. Stanley Kindergarten
Mrs. Van Gorp History 7 and History 8
Mrs. Westwick

Integrated Math I, II, III,      Pre-Calculus