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Ted Alejandre is sworn in as county superintendent

Ted Alejandre is sworn in as county superintendent

By Adam Askenaizer

Yucaipa News Mirror

January 11, 2019

San Bernardino County School Superintendent Ted Alejandre was sworn in for his second four year term in the position after running unopposed and winning re-election last November.

The ceremony took place at the Dorothy Inghram Learning Center in San Bernardino on Jan. 7 and was attended by county elected officials, federal and state representatives, and school board superintendents and members from across the county.

“When I took the oath of office four years ago, I made a commitment to put forth my absolute best effort in supporting all students in our county,” Alejandre said. “With the incredible support of many, we have moved the dial on priorities that are key to all districts and charter schools in our county.”

Alejandre cited teacher preparation, increasing graduation rates, and career pathway programs as evidence of an improved overall education picture in the county. He also touted other programs designed to help the over 403,000 students in San Bernardino County K-12 schools.

“To support our students, we have expanded key support programs like Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), and other resources to help ensure students receive the help they need,” Alejandre said, adding that cooperation with San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has helped improve student safety.

“As county superintendent, I have the wonderful opportunity to visit classrooms across all 33 school districts and charter schools and see firsthand the efforts of our teachers and peer professionals on the front lines, giving students outstanding educational opportunities,” he said.

One recent initiative which is being supported by Alejandre’s office is Vision2Succeed, a program launched last month that is designed to “encourage residents and businesses to get involved in learning experiences and programs that help to propel career growth and lifelong learning,” according to the Vision2Succeed website. The program was endorsed by the County Board of Supervisors last month.

At the ceremony, Alejandre was introduced by Caren Keele, a project analyst for the superintendent who was also taught by Alejandre when he was a fourth and fifth grade teacher at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino.

“One of my strongest memories of Mr. Alejandre was that he always encouraged us to do our best, not just on our school work but with all things,” Keele said.

She added, “Many of the attributes I experienced with Mr. Alejandre as my teacher are still evident today. He is a great leader and a leader who takes the time to meet with all employees at all levels of the organization while keeping our county at the forefront of providing quality personalized and innovative services to the students, families, districts, and communities we serve. It is still evident today that his heart is in the same place as it was when I was in the fourth grade, as he always puts our students first.”

Alejandre is a Yucaipa resident who has put his three kids through Yucaipa schools and served as Chief Business Officer for the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District before working at the county level. Alejandre was first elected as County Superintendent in 2014 and became the first Latino educator to hold the position. He has 30 years of experience in public education.

Representing Yucaipa among those present at the ceremony was YCJUSD Superintendent Cali Binks, along with Yucaipa High School senior and Madrigal Club member Kristyonna Fuller, who performed an impressive rendition of the National Anthem.

“I’m excited that he’s being sworn in today,” Binks said. “I appreciate the work he does for the county. He’s incredibly supportive and a recognized education leader in the state.”