Honors at Crafton

Seniors with a 3.25 unweighted 9-12 GPA consider applying to Crafton Hills College Honors Institute.

There are many benefits of membership, among which are:

  • Priority consideration for admission to designated universities through Honors transfer agreements.
  • For example, Crafton has an agreement with UCLA that in essence triples an Honors Completer’s likelihood of being accepted for transfer. (The high school applicant acceptance rate averages about 16%, the community college student transfer acceptance rate averages about 24%, and the Honors Completer transfer acceptance rate averages about 70%.)
  • For a list of universities with whom Crafton has transfer agreements in addition to UCLA, see https://www.honorstransfercouncil.org/transfer-partners.  This list is growing every year.

Completion of an Honors program has a definite impact on acceptance rates even when there is not a formal agreement.

  • One-on-one contact with Honors faculty
  • Access to a dedicated Honors Counselor
  • Intellectual challenge and preparation for upper division coursework after transfer
  • A community of like-minded students
  • Opportunities to participate in local, state, and national research conferences
  • Opportunities for student leadership
  • Honors at graduation, including a distinctive addition to graduation apparel
  • Notation of Honors completion on CHC transcript
  • Use of the Honors Lounge, which includes computers and free printing
  • Invitations to Honors activities

Honors students do not take extra classes while at CHC; instead, they take Honors sections of classes they would take anyway. Being part of the Honors Institute should not increase the time students spend at Crafton, but it will increase the quality of their time here because they will be part of a community of excellent, focused students and have a broader range of opportunities than they might have otherwise.


The requirement to apply for the Honors Institute is a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA, unweighted, in grades 9-12. That means Honors is not necessarily a program for only the top of the academic pile, but one in which students who are ready to become more academically focused and motivated should apply.


To complete the Honors requirements, students must complete 15 Honors credits with an A or B (for most students that means 5 Honors courses, total) and 15 community service hours. Honors students must also maintain at least a 3.25 cumulative GPA and participate in at least two Honors activities each semester.


For most students, it is an advantage to come into the program when they start at Crafton because it gives them ample time to complete their Honors coursework. Crafton will accept students into the Honors Institute before they graduate from high school, but cannot be active in the program until they are actually taking classes at Crafton. Once accepted into the program, students are free to take an Honors class in Summer or Fall 2021, but they can also wait until Spring 2022. They do have to take at least one Honors class by the end of their first year in the program.


Students who are not quite ready now can also apply after they have completed at least 12 transferable units at Crafton with a 3.25 GPA or higher.

Students can apply now by completing the online application form available under “Applications and Forms” on the CHC website (www.craftonhills.edu/Honors), students can find more information about the Crafton Hills College Honors Institute. Applicants will need to submit a copy of their most current high school transcript. It does not need to be an official copy.

For answers to your questions about the Honors Institute, reach out to Judy Cannon at honors@craftonhills.edu