Seniors, you’ve worked hard to earn your diploma!  Let’s make sure you can pick up your diploma after graduation.  If you owe any fees, books or uniforms to RHS or fees to a previous school, your transcripts AND diploma will be held until your account is cleared.  If you are not sure your account is cleared, stop by the records office and ask.  Juniors, Sophomores and Freshman can check their account to.  Keep on top of your account and make sure you clear it every year.  Don’t wait until the last day of your senior year!

College-bound Seniors: BEFORE graduation you MUST submit a final transcript request to the south campus information desk for the college you plan to attend.  Your final transcript is sent by the records office only if YOU request that it be sent. Be sure to mark your request FINAL.  All final transcript requests will be mailed by the records office the week after final grades are posted.