Redlands Unified School District works towards an agreement in sexual abuse lawsuit

Redlands Unified School District works towards an agreement in sexual abuse lawsuit

August 28, 2018


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Press Release --- Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 12:37 p.m.

REDLANDS, Calif. – The Redlands Unified School District is working towards an agreement with the parties involved in recent litigation against the District involving sexual abuse claims.

While the District is unable to speak of any specific details at this time, we sincerely hope this settlement will be a basis for healing for the victims and their families.

Regrettably, Redlands Unified is unable to erase the repugnant actions of these individuals. Superintendent Mauricio Arellano, hired in September 2017, has directed District administration to join him in thoroughly scrutinizing and examining our current policies, practices, staff training, and reporting protocols. Working in conjunction with the Board of Education, Mr. Arellano is allocating resources to help heighten our vigilance in student safety. The District has contracted with one of the nation’s leading child sexual abuse experts, Diane Cranley, to train our staff on identifying the key warning signs that sexual predators exhibit towards their potential victims. The District has also reinstituted school resource officers at each of our comprehensive high schools as a conduit between staff, students and parents in reporting suspicious activities. The District has also invested in the implementation of the RAPTOR System for all schools as an additional layer of safety to ensure that adults who access our campus are not registered offenders.

We are imploring our staff, students and the community to act promptly and report suspicious behaviors. We must focus on the tenets of the “See Something, Say Something” campaign so that incidents are appropriately reported to the authorities. We all must work together to keep student safety our utmost priority. As a District, we will act swiftly, responsibly and with authority and determination when it comes to protecting the innocence of the children with whom we are entrusted.

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